Last year, the solid partnership between Browning and Kite Optics brought us the only Reflex system of its kind on the market.
It sits low to the barrel and gives maximum red dot-to-eye clearance for instinctive and near-instant aiming.
This year, the excellent BAR Zenith is available in a Reflex version.

Zenith wood fluted HC affut threaded

The Bar Zenith Wood Fluted Hand Cocking Affut Threaded has a longer barrel with a threaded end for mounting muzzle accessories.

Zenith Platinum HC

Incorporating all the technical characteristics of the Bar Zenith range, and equipped with a classic cheek piece stock, this model stands out because of its elegance: all the wood parts are grade 5 walnut, and the receiver, plated and nickelled, is superbly engraved with scroll designs in a classic style.

Zenith Big Game HC

The Big Game Bar Zenith Big Game possesses engraved side plates.With the wide range of options on offer, every Bar Zenith can also be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Zenith Wood HC

The BAR Zenith Wood HC possesses a longer piped barrel that offers a more accurate line of sight. The new manual cocking system located on the top of the pistol grip offers an extra degree of safety.