NEW • MK3 Composite HC ADJ ATACS-AU Cerakote Kite

This new model is a real symbol because it combines the formidable Bar Mk3 with the recent range of telescopic scopes developed by Kite Optics in collaboration with Browning. Equipped with Cerakote coating on its metal parts (including the optical elements), the rifle has increased resistance to any form of friction or abrasion. Its Nomad Hybrid base rail (see pages 78-79) allows the scope to be mounted and dismounted surprisingly quickly. Equipped with an adjustable cheek-piece, this Bar, which will adapt to your needs, will also keep you hidden thanks to its A-TACS AU camo finish.

NEW • Zenith Platinum HC

Incorporating all the technical characteristics of the Bar Zenith, range, and equipped with a classic cheek piece stock, this model stands out because of its elegance: all the wood parts are grade 5 walnut, and the receiver, plated and nickelled, is superbly engraved with scroll designs in a classic style.

MK3 Composite Brown HC Adjustable

The BAR MK3 Composite is dressed in matte black with a beautiful brown butt stock and fore-end. This semi-automatic with fully adjustable comb comes with a scope rail Nomad and is sure to be a hit when hunting large, moving game.

MK3 Composite HC Tracker

This new model will delight driven hunt enthusiasts. Safety comes first in this model as it features orange inserts on the butt stock and fore-end. Then there is the all-new 18.5-inch fluted-barrel profile and Super Feather Trigger combination to guarantee unprecedented accuracy and faster action.

MK3 Composite HC

With its all-black exterior, this brand new version of the BAR MK3 goes for the minimalist look. The composite stock and fore-end add the finishing touches of harmony to this rifle, which will melt into any background. In addition to the extremely consistent contours, the BAR MK3 COMPO HC also boasts a fluted barrel with a new profile for outstanding accuracy on driven hunts and in blinds. Safety is guaranteed by the hand-cocking system that is as intuitive as it is reliable. Finally, rubber pads are fitted over areas that are handled the most. The BAR MK3 Compo HC – Understated and effective at an eye-catching price!

MK3 Composite HC Left Hand

How can a gun be said to have reached the pinnacle of design if it doesn’t adapt fl awlessly to each user’s body form? It can’t! So this version of the BAR MK3 COMPO HC was designed simply so that left-handers can enjoy the memorable hunting experience it offers. This is a carbon copy of the BAR MK3 Composite HC, retaining all of its features, but adapted to left handed shooters.

MK3 Eclipse Fluted

This version, which possesses all the technical specificities of the new BAR MK3 range, is also exceptional due to the remarkable grace of its aesthetic qualities. Its piped, satin barrel and its delicately nickel-plated receiver – adorned by a new engraving representing roe deer and wild boar – undoubtedly pay honour to the rustic charms of hunting.

MK3 Hunter Fluted

An anodized black receiver, brushed side-faces, top and bottom and the stock and fore-end in grade 2 oil-rubbed walnut : The BAR MK3 Hunter is the end-result of particularly neat and inventive work. Fitted with an adjustable foresight, its 53 cm piped barrel possesses a new profile that emphasizes even more the accuracy of a gun that also offers excellent firing sensations thanks to its Super Feather Trigger system. Available in four calibres (308, 30-06, 300WM and 9.3X62), the BAR MK3 Hunter is equipped with different accessories so that it can be adapted just as closely as possible to the shooter’s morphology. A rifle that contains a whole host of surprises…

Zenith Big Game HC

The Big Game Bar Zenith Big Game possesses engraved side plates.
With the wide range of options on offer, every Bar Zenith can also be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Zenith Wood Affut HC

The BAR Zenith Wood HC Affût possesses a longer piped barrel that offers a more accurate line of sight.
The new manual cocking system located on the top of the pistol grip offers an extra degree of safety.

Zenith Wood HC

The BAR Zenith Wood HC possesses a longer piped barrel that offers a more accurate line of sight.
The new manual cocking system located on the top of the pistol grip offers an extra degree of safety.