Browning’s BAR story
BAR 1968
Did you know that the most reliable hunting rifle on the market – the BAR MK3 – is a product of a military technology?
The BAR M1918, from the creative genius of John Moses Browning, was an American Army issue rifl e in the First World War, its distinctive sound rising above the horrors of the trenches to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. In World War II, the 550 rounds per minute of the BAR 1918A2 proved decisive in many Allied victories.

1966 saw the arrival of the outstanding BAR (Browning Automatic Rifl e) gasoperated, semi-automatic hunting rifle, on which John Moses’ grandson Bruce Browning and the engineers at FN Herstal worked for a year. By 1967, hunters were falling over themselves to get hold of this functional, well balanced and easy-to-use rifle with its gentle recoil.

They were particularly impressed when the BAR was paired with the 300. Winchester Magnum round: for them, a match made in heaven; for their quarry, a match made
in hell ! Where would Browning be with major innovations? The highly prolific Belgian inventor Joseph Rousseau knew very well. It’s thanks to him that hunters had the pleasure of getting to grips with the BAR Mark II in 1993. The BAR’s interior was entirely revamped, making it easier to use and even more reliable. In came technological progress in the form
of a streamlined piston system and a bolt lever, hand in hand with greater aesthetic variety across the BAR line.
The enfant terrible is undoubtedly the BAR «Safari». It has an all-steel receiver and boasts an adjustable muzzle brake that uses the BOSS system. The other BAR MARK II line is the «lightweight», so named because of the aluminum receiver that gives it its low weight. In 2004, Browning further extended its BAR range with the Long Track and Short Track models, in reference to the length of their receivers. They underwent a number of improvements during the fi rst decade of the new millennium – aesthetic first, as new
composite materials were introduced; then practical, with new magazines, a
manual-cocking version and left-hand versions.

In 2009, Browning launched the supremely distinguished and impeccably finished BAR Zenith. The Zenith retains all the ever-present features behind the BAR’s ongoing success and adds extra esthetic appeal, with a choice of wood grade and side plates. The gun was completely restyled and adjustable sights were introduced. Browning also put the emphasis on safety by bringing out a hand cocking system.